Samoyed of the Year 2022

Every year the Samoyed Club of Victoria hosts the annual Samoyed and Puppy of the Year invitational gala night. Owners of qualifying dogs from Victoria and across Australia will be invited to participate. The qualifying period for the Samoyed of the Year Invitational is from January 1st -December 31st 2022. The judging for this event will be held on Saturday 18th March 2023. 

We wish everyone the best of luck for a fantastic year of showing.

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Award Categories:



Competing in One Category Only:

In the circumstance where a dog has qualified for both categories, the owner/s must nominate in writing to the convenor which category the dog will contest on the evening.

SOTY 2023

The Committee has decided that we will be running SOTY for the 2023 year.

Please Note:  All point score shows are also SOTY qualifying shows for 2023.  This is a complete list of qualifying shows for the whole 2023 year.  

The 2023 SOTY event will be held early in 2024 for all those who qualify.

If you have already had a Best In Group, R.U. In Group or Puppy In Group so far this year, then you will have already qualified those particular dogs as we are starting the qualifying from 1st January 2023. 

The List Of Qualifying Shows for 2024 We Can Announce Now.  

JANUARY                                  Sunday 7th                           BASS VALLEY KENNEL CLUB
                                                Friday 26th                      AUSTRALIA DAY INTERNATIONAL

FEBRUARY                                Saturday 3rd                          CLASSIC DOG SHOW
Saturday 17th                           SUNSHINE KENNEL CLUB

MARCH                                     Sunday 17th                           PAKENHAM A & P SOCIETY
                                                Saturday 23rd                              TWILIGHT CANINE COUNTRY CLUB

APRIL                                       Sunday 14th                        LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION 
Saturday 20th                        GREENSBOROUGH KENNEL CLUB

MAY                                         Saturday 4th                        BULLA EXTRAVAGANZA
                                                Saturday  18th                        ELTHAM KENNEL CLUB

JUNE                                        Monday 10th                          VIC SPITZ CLUB
                                               Saturday 15th                         FRANKSTON & PENINSULAR  K/C

JULY                                      Saturday 6th                             JUNIOR KENNEL CLUB
                                              Sunday 28th                             UTILITY DOG CLUB

AUGUST                               Sunday 11th                           LILLYDALE KENNEL CLUB
                                             Sunday 18th                             SAMOYED CLUB OF VICTORIA   

SEPTEMBER                            Saturday 7th                            YEA & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB
                                                                                             MELBOURNE ROYAL                          

OCTOBER                               Sunday 13th                           ROMSEY KENNEL CLUB
                                             Saturday 19th                           GEELONG A & P SOCIETY

NOVEMBER                           Monday 4th                              VIC WOMENS
                                            Tuesday 5th                             SUNBURY KENNEL CLUB

DECEMBER                           Saturday 7th                             MELBOURNE DOG CLUB
                                            Saturday 14th                           YARRA VALLEY KENNEL CLUB



PLUS – All Samoyed Club Championship Shows Across Australia.

PLUS – All City Royal Shows.


Criteria for Qualification:Samoyed of the Year/Puppy of the Year

Listed Victorian Qualifying Shows:

v  Challenge Dog

v  Challenge Bitch

Listed Victorian Qualifying Shows:

v  Puppy of Breed


Specialty Shows Nationally:

Challenge Dog and Challenge Bitch at:

v  Samoyed National Show

v  All Samoyed Club Specialty Shows

v  Spitz Breed Clubs

v  Utility Clubs

v  All Capital City Royal Shows

Any All Breeds Shows Nationally:

v  Puppy in Group/Puppy in Show

Puppy of Breed:

v  All Capital City Royal Shows

v  All Utility Clubs

v  All Spitz Breed Clubs

v  Samoyed National Show

v  All Samoyed Specialty Shows

All Breeds Shows Qualification

v  Best in Group/Best in Show

v  Runner Up in Group

v 25 Point BOB non qualifying shows



Recording of Qualifications:

Nominated Shows: All Challenge and Puppy of Breed winners at the nominated Victorian shows will be recorded by the Samoyed Club of Victoria results reporter.

Qualifications achieved other than at the Victorian nominated shows: It is the sole responsibility of the owner/s to notify in writing the qualifying award received according to the criteria set out above. Written notification must be sent to the Samoyed of the Year Invitational convenor no later than the 7th January, 2023. If the notification is sent via email, an acknowledgment will be sent once received. If you do not receive a confirmation email it is your responsibility to follow up with the convenor prior to the 7th January. The club and committee will not be held responsible for any emails or mail not received.

Here is the link to the form for SOTY qualifying notification


Notification must be provided in writing to:

Mail: Samoyed of the Year Convenor

Mrs Bernadette Lawton

62 McGregor Ave

Healesville, VIC 3777



Criteria for Choosing a Judge:

The judge will be selected by an independent party from the Samoyed Club of Victoria. That person will contact the judge, organise accommodation and transportation of the judge to the venue.

Ø  It is not the responsibility of the sub-committee, convenor or any member of the SCV committee to list the qualifying dogs other than the Puppy of Breed and Challenge winners at the listed Victorian nominated shows.

Ø  Only qualifying Samoyeds that have been identified as eligible will be invited to participate.

Ø  All invitees will be at the discretion of the Samoyed Club of Victoria Committee.

Ø  Nominated shows are to be determined by the sub-committee and reviewed yearly to ensure appropriate shows are included.