The Samoyed Club of Victoria is comprised of a group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping the beautiful breed. One of the ways in which we aim to achieve this is via re-homing Samoyeds- these dogs come to our rescue service in many different ways. Some will need a new home due to their owner’s circumstances’ changing, some are recovered from lost dog’s homes and some have been through some trauma in their lives

We will take the dogs in, groom them and care for them until a new loving home can be found. People who contact us about Rescue dogs are looking for an older dog for a variety of reasons, they may want a loving family pet that has been toilet trained and is less work than a baby puppy, they may already have a dog that they are seeking a companion for or they may perhaps like to help an animal in need

Our rescue dogs have been successfully placed with many loving homes and have gone on to become a valued family member.

If you are interested in owning – or fostering a Samoyed in need, or are interested in a great family pet that sometimes will need some extra love and attention, then please contact us

Samoyeds looking for new homes

There are no Samoyeds looking for a new home that we know of.